California Investment Network


"Thank you very much for the extra input with my Restaurant/Nightclub proposal. I already have a couple investors who are requesting more info, and that's less than 24hrs after submitting the proposal to you. I am very pleased."
Rodrick Agcaoili

Investment Tips

Invest in what you know

Most angel investors have at some time owned and run their own business in a specific industry. It is important to invest in things you feel comfortable with. However, it is also important to have an open mind and review opportunities that have the same underlying principles, but may be in an area of business that you are unfamiliar with. If you are a good business manager, then you should be able to make a qualified decision based on the viability of any attractive business model.

Are you investing in the person or the company?

Remember, most small businesses grow by the driving force and inspiration of the founder/owner. Get to know the owner of the business. You must feel at ease with who they are and how they do business.

High risk equals high returns

Every business investment opportunity is unique and some offer greater rewards and risks than others. The nature of angel investing is, by definition, high risk. Since you will likely be presented with several opportunities from this website, look for deals you feel comfortable with and remember, ROI can be much higher than with traditional investments.

Look for passion and vision

An entrepreneur without passion and vision is on the road to failure. Entrepreneurs need these attributes to be successful while you need to recognize it in order to seize an opportunity when you see it.

Take your time with due diligence

Always complete your own research and investigation on any investment proposal. Business plans can be packed full of numbers and data and appear very appealing but sometimes the data is unrealistic. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure reasonability.

Always think Win/Win

If any party in a deal starts to get greedy, it is bound to fail. People want to have honest partners that have the companies best interest at heart. Whether it is the initial investment negotiation or the operation of the company, always try to find a deal that is great for both sides.

Make sure your deal is in writing

Always have your lawyer prepare or review the investment/shareholder agreement and clearly outline what your responsibilities are to the business. Nothing is worse than resentment building because of what the Entrepreneur "thought" you were to contribute to a deal.

Recent Proposals

Lightsaber Bug Zappers

I have developed and patented a fun twist on the bug zapper concept. My approach is to model the bug zapper after a lightsaber. The product has two main embodiments, both of which have lights, sound effects, and of course zapping.



Electric Propulsion for Sport Aircraft

Electric propulsion is currently focused on eVTOL aircraft, with some long lead large aircraft in the mix. What has been entirely ignored is providing systems for the experimental, LSA and ultralight aircraft in the US. We fill that niche.




• $500,000 funding request – 50% Equity in RenewaBlox LC • Breakeven Bitcoin price of $7,500 • Operational 2.1-Megawatt Solar farm at LC in Illinois • Power infrastructure in place for rapid execution of a Bitcoin mining farm



Sustainable Solution for our Future

The global demand for sustainable, eco-friendly products is rapidly increasing, and the market for biodegradable single-use cutlery and straws is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.



Asset management system backed by a blockchain expanding to ETH

This is an investment opportunity for anyone wanting to invest into a developing crypto, NFTs, and Web 3 company. We are a very diverse group. Women owned, veteran owned and we are very well educated in the web 3 space.



Drone Defense Products to Protect Military & Critical Infrastructure from Armed Drone Swarms

We are a drone defense technology company that has developed a government-approved, proprietary, state-of-the-art technology to protect critical infrastructure and military assets, personnel and operations from drone threats.



Purchase of Commercial Building/Start-Up Entertainment Venue

I'm going to purchase one commercial building. It is located in the heart of downtown San Jose. I will build out a 750+ capacity entertainment venue within the building.