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Recent Proposals

Watch Me Move

Watch Me Move is a moving company that offers a new way of service In the moving industry by using technology where it's never been used. My company In the future will be used through an APP. No moving company has that feature.



Industrial hemp farm

The company Springer Farming has been managing and farming in California for decades. The Company is being structured as a limited liability company (LLC). Tyler Springer, CEO/Founder is a 3rd generation farmer and has 5+ year’s experience in the ca



Advanced Green Energy Breakthrough

Cogar International Energy is a Rancho Santa Margarita, California-based Green Energy Company which has successfully created the world’s most advanced green energy technology known as the Air Powered Electric Generator. 



Equity Partner - Premium Motorcycle (Harley Davidson) Exhaust Manufacturer

A motorcycle exhaust manufacturer that has quickly gained recognition in the industry is looking for Series A funding. Capital will be used for: Filling strategic roles, equipment purchase, building inventory and moving to a larger facility.



Viking Lane investments

The project consist of purchasing a manufactured home site and a manufactured home and reselling the product on the open market. Currently $85,000 has been invested into the project. Remaining investment needed is $122,000.



Vacation rental and real estate investment opportunity.

We are currently running a successful bed and breakfast business 7 miles from the entrance to the Lassen National Park. We are planning to expand the business by building 35 cabins on a 32 acre piece of land, 1 mile away from our current location.



Own 50% of a DCARB outlet and get stock in the soon to be listed parent co.

DCARB Engine Carbon Removal helps fleets lower fuel and emissions while improving power, performance and economy. DCARB restores engines to new and replaces the need for new DPF filters. With a payback period of weeks not months, DCARB is the answer.



WashBank Express

RusKal, LLC will contribute $2,000,000. The seller will carry $3,000,000. An additional $1,000,000 is required to acquire this successful, profitable, fully-equipped state-of-the-art business.



Smart Wireless Charging using 5G Energy

We are 2 years into the self-funded development of a high-performance antenna and rectifying circuit combination which harvests Ambient Energy and converts it to DC power to “trickle charge” batteries in electronic devices.



Second location expansion of a unique all-inclusive children's party venue

Looking for an angel investor to invest in opening a second location of our family run local children's party venue business.



Equity Partner

Adding 40 addt'l skus and executing expansion to other e-commerce platforms and markets requiring an increase in working capital for A/R, purchase larger batch of inventory to save 40% COG.